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PADI Open Water

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Wary about the whole diving?

Not sure if its your ‘thing’? Then why not do this one day try-out and get a taste of what scuba diving is about!
Duration: 1 day
Includes: Equipment, Try in Pool, 1 Dive (max 12 meters)

The most popular entry level course to scuba diving in the world!

This three day course includes some theory, pool work, and finally 4 dives! This is the easiest way to begin your life as a diver.

Duration: 4 days
Includes: Equipment, Books, Theory Development, Pool Session, 4 Dives in Sea (max 18 meters), Certification
Already completed part of the PADI Open Water course....?

....then bring over proof of what you have done and pay only for what you have to complete!

Duration: Max 3 days
Includes: Equipment, Theory Development, Pool Session, 4 Dives in the Sea (max 18 meters), Certification

Beginner Diving Courses

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